Social & Environmental Safeguarding:

Connecting the dots for Life on Earth.

How does consulting work? 

Once you hire me, things will move forward somewhere along
these 3 steps:



Your context is unique. I want to listen to you and perhaps your team. Perspectives add up and can lead to more clarity

💡Typically involves Zoom / Teams meeting(s).

(skip for outsourcing of tasks)

We create a road map and identify missing steps and resources once the strengths & challenges of, and vision for your project or your organisation are clear.

💡Typically involves some sort of formal assessment or analysis. 


Depending on whether you hire me for 1on1 consulting and/or executing specific tasks (e.g. a workshop or a risk assessment), I may leave you with a report, or I may come in as a temporary team member and help drive your vision forward.

💡Report in line with academic research standards.

How can I help you?

Indicative List of Services

  • Advisory Services 
  • Carbon Accounting
  • Child Welfare Risk Assessment
  • Community Risk Assessment
  • Environmental Field Survey Design
  • Environmental Risk Assessment
  • Environmental Sustainability Assessment
  • Human Rights Compatibility 
  • Integrated Impact Assessment
  • MEAL
  • Research
  • Safeguarding Policy Review & Development
  • Safeguarding Strategic Planning
  • Workshops & CPD Courses

1. Labour and Working Conditions,
2. Zero-Carbon Development, Pollution Prevention and Resource Efficiency,
3. Climate Change Resilience, Community Health, Safety and Security,
4. Displacement and Involuntary Resettlement,

5. Biodiversity Conservation and Sustainable Management of Living Natural Resources,

6. Indigenous Peoples,
7. Cultural Heritage,
8. Compliance with the Law, and
9. Access and Spatial Justice.





Keen to find out more? 🔭

1. E-mail me with a description of your context and/or to book a meeting.

You might want to take a look at my LinkedIn profile if you feel you would like to know more about my background.

2. Get a response within 24 hours on weekdays. 

This could be an answer to a specific question you asked, an appointment, or a work plan first draft* plus a quote.

*Please note that - depending on the assignment - a final work plan may take considerably longer to draw up as it requires a profound understanding of your context. 

3. If all parties are in agreement, a contract is signed and work can begin.

We may be able to get to this stage within a week, depending on the urgency of the assignment and my other commitments.

Please send a message for more information:


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Feel free to message me in 

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